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Home Trends in 2023

Home decor trends can change very quickly, but some tend to stick around! The ever-evolving world of home trends is a testament to the dynamic nature of human tastes. They reflect not only our aesthetic preferences but also our responses to the world around us. These are a few of the home decor trends that have become popular recently and will most likely continue to be incorporated into homes for a while.

Quiet Luxury: The quiet luxury trend involves creating spaces that feel sumptuous, sophisticated, and timeless — however that looks for you. The luxe look isn’t about glam, shiny, mirrored, or glitzy spaces. Instead, rooms are filled with warmth, calm and collected accents, plush cushioned seating, soft rugs, layered lighting, and pillows and throws in luxurious materials. The key to a luxurious space is all about mastering the mix of timeless elegance and modern simplicity, creating a space that’s equally welcoming and sophisticated.

Natural Stone: Particularly materials that incorporate unexpected tones and patterns are very popular. Some of the trending stone elements right now include travertine, marble, exotic slabs of granite, soapstone, limestone, and other natural materials.

Closed Floor plan: The growing popularity of working and learning from home means that open floor plans are losing their appeal. The rise of remote work has led to an increased focus on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing home office spaces.

Multifunctional Furniture: With the rise of smaller living spaces, furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as sofa beds and storage ottomans have become quite popular.

Artisanal and Handcrafted Pieces: Handmade and artisanal decor items are now a unique way to add your own personal touch to a space.

Mixed Metals: Mixing metals is a great way to add an interesting and contemporary look to the kitchen and bathroom. Whether you’re going for a chic, modern, timeless, or classic look, mixing metals adds visual interest to your home.

Natural Materials: This trend focuses on incorporating natural elements into interior spaces. Indoor plants, natural materials, and large windows create a connection with nature. It has become popular to have furniture crafted from light or mid-toned woods and then accent the spaces with natural rugs crafted in nubby wool or textured cotton to add warmth and texture.

Outdoor Living: Homeowners are continuing to turn their outdoor areas, porches, and patios into comfortable, luxurious staycation destinations. Features like outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, pool houses, greenhouses, and raised-bed gardening areas are especially popular this year.


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