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  • General Home Cleaning (kitchen & baths most important)


  • De-personalize & remove offensive artwork or pictures (only if needed)


  • Patch nail holes & repair any dry wall as needed


  • Paint touch-ups as needed on walls & trim


  • All items cleared off the kitchen counters except for 3 items (knife block/decorative pieces)


  • Organize all closets (ie: gloves, toys, hats, etc. in bins)
    *Towels folded & organized in linen closet


  • Remove rugs in kitchens and bathrooms


  • Make sure light fixtures work and no burnt out bulbs


  • Clean mechanical room (no spider webs and wipe down surfaces)


  • OK to use unfinished spaces as storage (neatly organize storage items along exterior walls)


  • Open window coverings for photos and showings (increase natural lighting)


  • Sidewalk and driveway cleared of snow and ice

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