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West Madison is a charming and diverse area offering a unique blend of residential charm and urban conveniences. This neighborhood, situated just west of downtown Madison, is characterized by tree-lined streets, historic homes, and a strong sense of community. Monroe Street, a bustling commercial thoroughfare, is known for its eclectic mix of locally-owned shops, trendy boutiques, and delicious eateries. Residents enjoy easy access to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, the vibrant Camp Randall Stadium, and the renowned University Hospital. The area is also home to several beautiful parks, such as Vilas Park and Wingra Park, providing green spaces for recreation and relaxation. With its welcoming atmosphere, cultural offerings, and convenient location, West Madison stands as a desirable and thriving community within the heart of the city.




The Monroe-Dudgeon neighborhood is known for its historic architecture and charming homes. Many houses in the area boast unique and well-preserved designs, contributing to the overall character of the neighborhood. 

There are parks and green spaces in and around the neighborhood, providing residents with opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. Wingra Park, in particular, is nearby and offers a scenic setting. Monroe-Dudgeon is conveniently located near various amenities, including shops, restaurants, and cultural venues like Monroe Street Arts Center. 


Midvale Heights


Residents of Midvale Heights have access to cultural amenities and recreational opportunities in Madison. The nearby University Avenue corridor and other commercial areas provide shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The neighborhood is known for its community-oriented atmosphere. Residents often participate in neighborhood events, fostering a sense of belonging and community pride. Midvale Heights has parks and green spaces, offering residents opportunities for outdoor activities, recreation, and community events. These areas contribute to the overall quality of life in the neighborhood.


Shorewood Hills


Shorewood Hills is known for its excellent public schools. The neighborhood falls within the Madison Metropolitan School District, and schools like Shorewood Hills Elementary are highly rated, contributing to the overall appeal for families. The neighborhood features scenic views, especially those overlooking Lake Mendota. The neighborhood has parks and green spaces, like Bradley Park and Dudley Davis Quarry Park, providing residents with opportunities for outdoor activities and a picturesque environment. Similar to Monroe-Dudgeon, Shorewood Hills is known for its historic architecture and well-maintained homes. The neighborhood's aesthetic appeal is often highlighted by its contributions from many famous Wisconsin architects, and its charming and diverse housing styles.




Greenbush has a rich history, and some of its buildings and landmarks have historical significance. The neighborhood has preserved a sense of its past, contributing to its unique character. Residents also enjoy easy access to Vilas Beach, Henry Vilas Zoo, the UW Arboretum, Camp Randall, the UW campus, three major hospitals, as well as downtown Madison. Highly walkable and bike-friendly, Greenbush has a mix of local businesses, including shops, restaurants, and cafes. These establishments can contribute to a strong sense of community and provide residents with convenient amenities.

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