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The Ultimate Moving Day Checklist

Whether you’ve lived in a home for 20 years or 2, the process of moving can be an overwhelming one. Our belongings accumulate quicker than we realize, and we’re faced with choices of what’s worth moving and what can be tossed or donated. Not to mention, there’s usually a whole lot of cleaning, dusting and scrubbing to be done. We’ve compiled a list of things to accomplish before you load up the moving truck, during the moving process, and after you’re in the new place and getting settled in.

Before Moving:

-If you’ve got the time, it may be worth prepping a couple days’ or weeks’ worth of freezer meals! You’ll thank yourself later.

-Do all of your “housekeeping” tasks: forward your mail, change your address for social security, monthly subscriptions and insurance, transfer your utilities, and update your driver’s license!

-Pack up boxes according to room. This way you know exactly where to bring them once you’re in the new place!

-Clearly label boxes

-Pack up essential items separately. When you get to the new place, unpack these items first so you can relax knowing you have the items you need without rummaging through every single box! This will likely include toiletries, pajamas, chargers, bedding, medication, kitchen items, etc. Think of everything you use during a 24-hour period!

-Pack valuables and important documents separately and decide how to safely transport these items.

-Arrange a place for your pets to stay during moving, or contain them to one area of the home so they’re out of the way for movers.

-Clear an area on the street or driveway for movers to park, allowing for the easiest access to the door.

-Clear pathways within the home for movers – keep boxes near edges of the room if possible!

-Do a final sweep of the home. Check cabinets, drawers, closets, the attic, basement, etc. Make sure you’ve left nothing important behind!

During Moving

-If you’ve hired professional movers, go through the home with them to ensure their records are correct as far as what is their responsibility to move. Also make sure that you’ve documented the condition of your furniture and other belongings in case they are damaged during the move.

-Ensure that movers have your contact information in case of emergency, and that they have the correct address to deliver items to.

-Protect floors and carpets so they aren’t damaged while moving heavy items.

-Once movers arrive at your new home, give them a walkthrough so they know where to bring each item. It also never hurts to offer them some water or a snack!

After Moving:

-Unpack your “essentials” box first! This is the stuff you need to get through one day or night in your new home!

-Order takeout for dinner and relax! Moving day is exhausting, and even if you unpacked essential kitchen items, you likely won’t want to cook. Relax and tackle the rest tomorrow!

-Once recharged, go room-by-room and unpack each box. You’ll feel accomplished finishing a room and motivated to tackle another!

-Pick up groceries (or rely on those freezer meals you made before moving!)

-Make a trip back to your old place (now that it’s totally empty) and scrub it down! Vacuum, mop, dust and scrub every surface and leave it better than you found it! The next owners will appreciate it. :)

All that’s left to do is make your new house a home and enjoy! What tasks/items do you wish you’d thought of when you moved? Share in the comments below!

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