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Selling During the Holidays: Dos & Don'ts

Many people believe the holidays are a bad time to put their home on the market, but there are actually many perks that get overlooked. Your home will show nice with holiday decor, there is less competition and fewer inventory, and potential buyers tend to take advantage of time off to tour homes.

So, what can home sellers do to make sure their home is show-ready during this busy season? We put together a "Dos & Don'ts" list to follow to ensure your home is clean and inviting for guests all season long.


Do deck the halls, but keep it to a minimum. When pulling out your holiday decor, remember less is more. Too many decorations can distract buyers and take away from your home's best features. Use tasteful decor to highlight important features, such as a string of garland draped over a fireplace mantel or wrapped around your staircase.

Don't go overboard with exterior decorations and lighting. Your inflatable Santa and snowman should stay in storage this holiday season. Instead of colorful lights, use white lights to play up your home's architecture and landscaping. Place a tasteful wreath on your front door.

Do declutter and deep clean your entire home before putting up any holiday decor. For each decoration you put up, take another item down and store it for the time being.

Don't over do it with holiday candles and other smells. This can be a big turn off for buyers who are more sensitive to smells. You can create a warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere with flameless candles. Baking cookies and setting them on the counter with festive napkins is another great way to make your home smell festive and be favorable to buyers.

Do put up your Christmas tree. When house hunting, buyers often like to envision where their tree will be placed. Make sure your tree is in proper proportion to the rest of your furniture. You don't want your tree to overpower everything else in the room.

Don't neglect your floors. Winter is a hard time to keep floors clean, especially if you have kids and animals coming in and out. Be sure to give your floors a good cleaning before showings.

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