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4 Reasons People are Buying Homes During a Pandemic

Buying or selling a home in the middle of a global pandemic can seem a little crazy. And, sadly, since so many businesses have taken a hit because of the pandemic, many families simply aren’t able to make big financial moves (like buying a home) at this time. However, in the real estate world, we are still seeing plenty of buyers looking to move up in home right now, and there are four main reasons why:

1. Home Office Countless businesses are implementing remote work for the foreseeable future, and some have switched to remote work permanently. Employees around the country have been working from the dining room table or a folding table in the living room during the first few months of the pandemic, but with things feeling a little more permanent as time goes on, a home office is becoming a need for many families.

2. Play Areas Many parents, especially those working from home now, are desperate for a designated area for their kids to run off some energy, store their toys, and safely entertain themselves while mom and dad work. Whether this is a fenced-in yard where kids are contained and safe, or a playroom separate from work spaces, families are in search of additional room for kids’ play time.

3. Classroom Space With many school districts implementing online schooling this fall, families are struggling to keep their children focused when they’re learning from the dining room table, especially if multiple kids of different ages are sharing the same space. Having a designated learning space that feels more academic and allows for more focus is becoming a need for some families.

4. Home Gym All gyms were completely closed for several months, and even now that most have opened back up, some gym-goers don’t feel comfortable returning and some have no desire to exercise in a mask. There has never been a better time to have at-home workout equipment, and a home with a designated workout space.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a position to buy right now, historically low interest rates make this a great time to do so. If any of these reasons ring true for you and you’re considering moving up in home, let us know! We are always happy to help and we work on your timeline. Give us a call!

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