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10 Easiest Plants for Your Wisconsin Garden

So you want to garden, but you don’t know where to start? Wisconsin can be tricky, since we’re working with 6 fewer months than many other regions of the country. So, we have to get creative. Here are just a few of the beautiful, yet easy-to-manage plants that you should consider for your startup garden:

  1. Daylily

You just never know what you’re going to get for weather here in Wisconsin. One day, you’re waiting for the snow to melt so you can plant some flowers. The next, your flowers are scorching in the 95-degree sun. Have no fear, daylilies are here; they love the sun and are nearly impossible to kill! Perfect.

  1. Poppy

Vivid spring and summer colors and easy to maintain? That’s all we ask. If you’re planting from a seed, sprinkle your poppies along the surface during the fall or winter and let them be exposed to the cold. If you have an existing poppy, plant it in the ground during summer, just before it blooms. All they require is plenty of sun and a little extra watering during dry spells.

  1. Hosta

Hostas in a word? Reliable. They are perfect for a shady garden and are long-lived and easy to grow. Just keep the soil moist by placing mulch around the plants, and clean up brown leaves in the fall to ensure they stay healthy for another growing season. Do note, however, deer and rabbits love hostas and may nibble away at them. Can ya blame them?

  1. Peony

Peonies are just about as low-maintenance as it gets and can thrive for many years (some have been known to live for more than 100 years!). Just provide them with full sun and some well-drained soil, and expect a bounty of gorgeous, round and bright-colored blooms!

  1. Switchgrass

Unlike hostas, Switchgrass isn’t a fan favorite for deer and rabbits, so they have that going for them! The grass’s blue-green foliage is stunning in the summertime, and its later-season golden tones are a perfect match for fall foliage. Just provide it ample sunlight and it makes a perfect filler for any garden!

  1. Goldenrod

Nothing says “August” like these fluffy, golden blooms. They can add a lot to a garden appearance-wise, but they’re also very useful when it comes to attracting butterflies and bees to pollinate your plants, or draw bad bugs away from a nearby vegetable garden. Goldenrod thrives in the sun and requires little, if any, watering. Win-win!

  1. Coneflower

If you’re looking for a tolerant and resilient flower, go with the coneflower. It is deer-resistant, drought-tolerant, but is a favorite of butterflies, bees, goldfinches and chickadees. Its long, drooping petals and large centers can grow in a variety of colors, and spice up any garden!

  1. Catmint

For some added fragrance in your garden, plus gorgeous springtime blue-purple blooms, Catmint is your guy. This plant is deer-resistant and drought-tolerant, and it attracts those adorable little hummingbirds! Just space the plants 1-2 feet apart and in full or part sun. Water it well in its first year and then it’s pretty resilient!

  1. Lenten rose

Sometimes, here in Wisconsin, we just need a little pick-me-up when it’s March or April and we’re still getting snow.We’re pretty sure that’s exactly the Lenten rose’s purpose. This tough flower loves shade and has been known to bloom while snow is still on the ground, so plant it somewhere you can really take it in!

  1. Sedum

One of the first to emerge in the spring, and with long-lasting blooms into summer and fall, Sedum is just about as low-maintenance as it gets. Just plant sedum seeds in early spring in a sunny area. Once they’re established, they may just need a little water here and there, and the occasional pruning.

Happy gardening! What are some of your favorite plants? Share photos of your garden with us on social media using #hansenhometeam!

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