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20 Indoor Activities for a Snow Day

Wisconsin is currently under a State of Emergency due to dangerously low temperatures, which means most people are stuck inside all day with not much to do. To save you from going stir crazy, here are 20 fun indoor activities to pass the time. Enjoy!

1. Build a fort with pillows and blankets in your living room.

Blanket fort

2. Break out the board games and have some old fashion fun.

Board games

3. Crack open your cook book and make a recipe you've been meaning to try.


4. Clean out and organize your closet.


5. Arts and crafts are always a fun passing time.

Arts and Crafts

6. Take out your box of old photos and put them in an album.


7. Start a new book or finish an old one.


8. Rearrange your furniture and wall decor. Feeling like you're in a new space can help chase those winter blues!

Moving furniture

9. Create a really good music playlist and jam out.

Woman listening to music

10. Have a movie marathon. We recommend the Harry Potter series.

Movie and popcorn

11. Create a scavenger hunt for the kiddos by hiding things around the house and giving them clues for where to find them.

Scavenger hunt

12. Write down your goals for this year and how you plan to achieve them.


13. Have an indoor picnic. Lay a blanket out and pretend you're sitting in 70-degree weather!

Indoor picnic

14. Make a collage out of magazines and other things you find around your house.

Collage material

15. Get moving! Do some yoga or your go-to workout moves.

Mom and daughter yoga

16. Organize your kitchen cabinets and pantry.


17. Deep clean your home. It will make you feel great and accomplished, especially if you are stuck inside for more than one day!


18. Plan your summer getaway. Thinking about a warm summer vacation will help you forget that it's below zero outside.

Women on a beach

19. Write a letter to a good friend or distant relative.


20. Create a floor bed and cuddle your loved ones and pets.

Animals cuddling

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