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A Guide to Pet Safety While Moving


Moving from one home to another is not only a stressful process for you and your family, but also for your pets. Taking the right precautions every step of the way will ensure a safe and stable experience for your pets and will help them adjust to their new home.

Make packing as smooth as possible. Animals (cats especially) aren’t a huge fan of changing their surroundings. You can help make the process easier by packing and bringing in moving boxes early in the process. You should also keep them in a familiar room throughout the moving process that you plan on packing up last.

Keep your pets calm on moving day. On moving day, keep your pets in a quiet room with the door closed or bring them to a friend’s house for the day. This will ensure your pet’s safety while items are being moved. Try to keep your animal’s routine as normal as possible during the move.

Prepare for the trip. If you have a long trip ahead of you, it is crucial to get your animal accustom to their crate before the initial car ride. Leading up to the trip, began placing their food in the open crate and eventually have them eat their meals with the crate door closed. Taking your animals for short car rides is another way for them to get comfortable riding in their crates. Feeding them a treat every time they willingly get into their crate can also help them develop positive association with the crate.

Pet-proof your new home. To ensure the safety of your furry fam, be sure to pet-proof everything before bringing them into your new home. Make sure all windows have sturdy screens, be sure there are no pesticide traps laying around, tuck away any electrical cords, and make sure there are no nooks and crannies your animals could get stuck in.

Give your animals time to adjust. When settling into your new home, let your animal adjust to one room at a time. Sometimes a new house can be way too overwhelming for them, so starting with one room can help them feel more comfortable in their new space. When they seem to be comfortable with a room, gradually introduce them to other rooms in the house. Your animal will begin to feel at home in no time.

Scope out the neighborhood. It’s a good idea to scope out your new neighborhood before taking your pets on walks. This way, you will have an idea of what areas are okay to explore with your animal and what areas you should avoid.

Follow these steps to ensure your critter's safety and have peace of mind every step of the way while moving!

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