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10 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Home

Smaller homes are cozy, charming and the perfect size for some families. Unless you’re a minimalist, though, it isn’t hard to sometimes feel like you’re running out of space in a small home. We’ve compiled 10 ways to maximize space in a small home:

1. Mount Your TV

An entertainment center takes up a lot of space and can really close off a room. By getting the TV off of the ground, you’re freeing up all of that space and making the room feel larger!

2. Be Strategic with Storage

Choosing furniture that can double as storage is a great way to maximize the space in your home. Instead of a basket of blankets, find an ottoman or bench that can store your blankets! Choose a kitchen island that offers more counter space as well as more cabinet storage.

3. Use Light, Neutral Shades

Dark or bold colors can close off a room and make it feel smaller. Painting the walls a lighter, neutral color makes it feel more open and airy!

4. Add Mirrors Using a decorative mirror as wall décor will reflect the light and make the room feel larger.

5. Maximize Bathroom Space In a small bathroom, add a shelving unit that fits over the toilet, install floating shelves, and free up floor space with a pedestal sink.

6. Install Pocket Doors If the space in a room is too tight for swinging doors, pocket doors might be the solution you need! Barn doors are also a newer, trendy option if you’ve got the free wall space!

7. Use a Kitchen Table with a Leaf If you have no dedicated dining room, but rather an eat-in kitchen, a table with leaves is a great option! Keep it set up without the leaves so you have more space in the kitchen, but add leaves when entertaining!

8. Cut the Clutter Minimizing the amount of clutter sitting on tables, countertops and the floor will make a space feel much larger. Read our recent blog post filled with decluttering tips!

9. Pack Away Clothes Here in Wisconsin, it’s usually a safe bet that you won’t be needing your shorts, tanks and flip flops for half of the year. Maximize the space you have in small closets by packing away items you won’t need for a while! Invest in rolling bins for under the bed so things are still accessible but not taking up closet space.

10. Keep Furniture Small Having big, bulky furniture in a small room only enhances just how small the room is. Choose furniture that’s maybe a little sleeker or lower to the ground to make ceilings feel higher and to create larger walking spaces.

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