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10 Ways to Instantly Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Whether you’re prepping your house to sell, or you’re just looking to get more enjoyment out of your forever home, there are benefits to increasing the curb appeal. Some home projects are a significant investment and require a contractor, while some are affordable and an easy DIY project. We’re sharing a few of the easiest, most affordable projects that will make the biggest difference in the curb appeal of your home.

1. Paint your front door

The front door is often the focal point of the home, so a door that’s too bland or too bright can really take away from the look of the entire home. There are even apps out there that allow you to virtually “paint” your front door to see what colors look best on your house!

2. Spray paint your hardware

In addition to painting the front door, you can also spray paint the hardware on the door. An old brass door handle might look outdated with your new door color, and it’s easy enough to just paint your existing ones rather than paying for new hardware! Follow the instructions here.

3. Upgrade your house numbers

Another easy fix is updating your house numbers! Most hardware stores carry house numbers in a variety of fonts, and you can even get creative with how they’re displayed (like installed on a board rather than into the siding)!

4. Replace porch lights or paint the ones you have

The light fixtures on the front of your house can make a big difference in the overall curb appeal! Sometimes there’s enough potential in the existing porch lights that a little paint will do the trick! Otherwise, you can find affordable porch lights at a Menards or Home Depot.

5. Add a pop of color with plants

Whether you build and install window boxes and porch planters, or just add a hanging basket, adding that pop of color to the front of your home can add a lot to the overall appearance of your home. During springtime, hyacinths and pansies are a great flower. Transition that into petunias or other annuals in summer, and then chrysanthemums in the fall.

6. Spruce up your garage door

Garages can sometimes be an eyesore on the front of a house, but there are ways to fix this! Wood stain your aluminum garage door to make it look rustic, or install hardware to add some detail. A set of decorative garage hardware can be as little as $10!

7. Add faux shutters to your front windows

Faux shutters are fairly simple to build, stain and install! All you need are a couple of boards, some stain, and installation hardware, and you’ve got some DIY shutters that can really improve the curb appeal of your home!

8. Pressure wash house and porch

We endure a lot of different weather conditions here in Wisconsin, and over time, it can wear on a house. Dirt builds up on our porches and the front of our houses, and it’s nothing that a good pressure wash can’t fix! Plus, what’s more satisfying than seeing the vast difference between the area you’ve covered and the area you haven’t? :)

9. Landscape

There are ways to clean up your landscaping without hiring out. Simply keeping up with weeds, planting flower beds around trees, and adding edging to existing flower beds can make a big difference in cleaning up your yard.

10. Add a welcome mat

The final touch in all of this is placing a nice and clean welcome mat in front of your door! We all know how quickly these can look tattered (probably because we’re stepping on them every time we go in and out of our homes), so putting a fresh one on your front porch for the spring season is the perfect refresher!

Which of these DIY projects have you tackled yourself? Which are you most interested in doing to boost your curb appeal? Share with us in the comments below!

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